D-Lotto Draw Introduction:

All our 4D and 6D games draws are conducted in daily basic or seven (7) times a week, and held at our own licensed casino, D-Lotto lobby togethers with the public audiences. It will commence at 6.10pm (Cambodia Time zone at GMT+7) and is conducted in full view of the public.
The entire draws are viewable and transparent to everyone in our casino lobby. Everyone in casino, and everyone who watching online are responsible for witnessing and verifying the winning numbers drawn for the respective games. This is to ensures all our draws are conducted in a fair and transparent manner.

  Lottery Game

All D-Lotto’s 4D draws are generating via our pneumatic draw machines which have transparent tubes, chambers and acrylic plastic body that allowing full transparent view of the entire balls loading, mixing and selection process.

D-Lotto draw commences with our most popular 4-digit game, D-Lotto 4D and followed by the 6-digit game, D-Lotto 6D. The entire draw process is broadcasting live from casino to all official channels including our official website, mobile app, Facebook, WeChat groups, and all partnered 4D results platform. When our machines not in use, all machines, equipment, balls and paraphernalia are kept in a secured and restricted area that has 24 hours physical and technical surveillance.

All our draws are conducted in full view and observed by the public. The objective is to making sure that all D-Lotto draws conducted with the highest standards of transparency and integrity without any compromise in security. Our practices and procedures are also regularly reviewed by internal and external parties to ensure compliance with the industry’s best practices and control requirements.


A ball with an alphabet from A to W are drawn out, to decide the postion of upcoming number to be.

For example, if B is drawn, which means the upcoming number set is for position B


A ball with a number is drawn from each D2, D3, D4, D5 machines subsequently, to form a number combination.
For example, if D2 drawn 8, D3 drawn 8, D4 drawn 8, D5 drawn 8, so the number combination is 8888.


3 balls out of 13 balls with alphabet of A to M will be drawn out, to decide the 3rd, 2nd, and 1st prize
For example, if G is drawn for the first ball in Machine D6, the number combination of G will be the 3rd Prize.

  Lottery Game

Similar to D-Lotto 4D, our 6D is also a daily draw game and scheduled to draw a few minutes before we starting the D-Lotto 4D at 6 p.m. (Cambodia time +7GMT). The six-digit number will be drawn from our existing 5 machines, from D1 to D5. To create more excitement for the game, we have specially designed the first 2 digit to be drawing at larger pneumatic draw machines – the D1 machine. We will have 20 balls to be filled into the D1, while other 4 smaller pneumatic draw machines of D2, D3, D4 & D5 will be filled with 10 balls each.